a circuit trends

Anonymous said: what would you wear with grey ts

i wear basically any color shirt except grey with mine — liz


Anonymous said: can you do an outfit with one of the one k helmets? I know they're not popular AT ALL for the eq and its kindof DQ-ish, but I just got the matte one to school in.

ok really the helmets with our outfits are all kind of interchangeable as long as its black

#the helmets do not matter and i am too lazy to make new sets #Anonymous

Anonymous said: Could you do a designer outfit with the purple ts trophy hunters and a First Lady?? Thanks!

these are all the ones we’ve done with purple pants. you can wear a first lady with any of them

#liz #Anonymous

Anonymous said: What color polo would you wear with dark blue breeches? they're kind of like the tailored sportsman navy except a little darker (and a different brand)

i usually wear pink with my navy ts sometimes my sea breeze eis — liz


the new tailored sportsman colors make me drool.

but there are no good pictures for me to use in outfits on here!

#tailored sportsman #jena

Anonymous said: I appreciate both of your opinions:) a few people at my barn have the SP8 and I've seen people at WEF with them, so I don't feel like the odd ball of the group. If no one wore them, I would just go back to wearing my AYR8

do your thing haha

this blog is here for us to show the stuff we like but that obviously doesnt mean you shouldnt wear whatever you want to :) personally i dont think ive seen a lot of people wearing them yet but ive only been to 3 shows since last summer so far



Anonymous said: I just bought the SP8 yesterday because I like the First Lady but not for hunters. I had the AYR8 so it's kinda like the two combined. Anyways, I'm curious as to why you don't like it? I think it looks good on me, if you saw me would you think I looked stupid?

i have to agree with jena not my fave look i prefer the first lady by far, but its your helmet obvs. its like if you saw someone wearing something you didnt like its not like im gonna think you look stupid im gonna think i wouldnt wear that ya feel but there are people that like that helmet


#Anonymous #to me the first lady is like the perfect hunter helmet

Anonymous said: can you make an outfit using a charles owen SP8?

not really a fan of that helmet tbh. but i can do it:)


Anonymous said: I love all your outfits! I know it's June, but could you do a really toasty winter outfit? Like, designed for polar weather? (I live in Canada and get around five feet of snow during the winter and thin breeches suck)

ya sure! thats rough, i can barely stand connecticut in the winter



thephrontistery said: Hey there! I have my eyebrow pierced and various places in my ears pierced. They're all visible when I have my helmet and hairnet on, and I don't know if I should take them out or not when I show. They're all healed, so I can take them out. Are piercings a go or not?

i would take them out, just imagining putting a hairnet on with those makes me cringe haha. my one regular ear piercing stuck in it as it is, but when you have your hairnet on wouldnt it cover your ears completely anyway? i just have concerns about them getting stuck which could be so painful. better safe than sorry! if youre worried about judges not liking them i dont think theyre gonna be looking for them, and probably wouldnt even really be able to tell while youre riding either way