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Anonymous said: I know this doesn't have anything to do with show dress code but I just got a horse and I really want to change his show name. I would be showing him in 3'6 EQ stuff so I want something professional, not cutesy. Btw he's a big bay, think of standard EQ horse. So any ideas for good show names? :) thanks!

im terrible at this

i like the name contigo but like 74875647 horses probably already have that name

random words in other languages are always fancy sounding lol


queen-arab said: Hello! I am showing in a rated AHA show in November. I was wondering if you knew if i was able to wear a light blue show shirt underneath my dark show coat? Thanks (:

i dont have any experience with AHA showing or anything but i always wear a white show shirt when i show (eq/jumpers at aa shows), colored show shirts arent really acceptable on that circuit

but maybe its different at those shows ive never been to one ya never know


Anonymous said: What color saddle pad should I use when my instructor from my lesson barn comes to my other barn where my horse is kept? She is a Haflinger!



Anonymous said: I have a 10 year old Haflinger gelding who can jump and has nice, flashy movement. Can I show him on the A circuit in hunters?

honestly id have to see a picture. you could show him but you wouldnt necessarily be very successful. the judges at these things look for a certain look, mainly welshes, welsh crosses, german riding ponies, and stuff like that. some haflingers can look huntery, so im not saying you couldnt do well, but it really depends. feel free to link me to a photo or a video and i could give you better feedback! —liz

#Anonymous #im also not saying i like how it works either #but if its a good mover and jumps well its possible #and has a lighter build #theyre popular for dressage though i think #omg wait do pony jumpers with it that would be cute af

Anonymous said: what would you wear with grey ts

i wear basically any color shirt except grey with mine — liz


Anonymous said: can you do an outfit with one of the one k helmets? I know they're not popular AT ALL for the eq and its kindof DQ-ish, but I just got the matte one to school in.

ok really the helmets with our outfits are all kind of interchangeable as long as its black

#the helmets do not matter and i am too lazy to make new sets #Anonymous

Anonymous said: Could you do a designer outfit with the purple ts trophy hunters and a First Lady?? Thanks!

these are all the ones we’ve done with purple pants. you can wear a first lady with any of them

#liz #Anonymous

Anonymous said: What color polo would you wear with dark blue breeches? they're kind of like the tailored sportsman navy except a little darker (and a different brand)

i usually wear pink with my navy ts sometimes my sea breeze eis — liz


the new tailored sportsman colors make me drool.

but there are no good pictures for me to use in outfits on here!

#tailored sportsman #jena

Anonymous said: I appreciate both of your opinions:) a few people at my barn have the SP8 and I've seen people at WEF with them, so I don't feel like the odd ball of the group. If no one wore them, I would just go back to wearing my AYR8

do your thing haha

this blog is here for us to show the stuff we like but that obviously doesnt mean you shouldnt wear whatever you want to :) personally i dont think ive seen a lot of people wearing them yet but ive only been to 3 shows since last summer so far